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Come to the true BMW experts for the finest selection of and best advice regarding original BMW parts and accessories in Blainvilleand north of Montreal!

Hamel BMW carries a massive inventory of BMW components, and feature an on-site lifestyle boutique for all your BMW accessory needs. From 8 a.m. onward every weekday morning, come and meet our friendly, qualified team of parts and accessories experts!


You can order your needed parts directly online, and we offer a delivery service for your convenience. Know that we use genuine BMW parts in all work carried out in our BMW service department.


Original BMW Parts

BMW is synonymous not only with dynamic sportiness, but also with quality and reliability. Strict safety, manufacture and performance standards are key to ensuring long-term, worry-free driving. Original BMW parts guarantee this for your new BMW car as long as you own it.


The use of original replacement parts ensures the proper functioning and integrity of your vehicle is maintained. A component stamped Original BMW Part means it has been made respecting the carmaker's high quality standards and quality control process. Ask Hamel BMW in Blainville about our wide selection of original parts today!


Original BMW Remanufactured Parts

The underlying idea behind a BMW remanufactured part is recycling: up to 60% of parts can be reutilized at the end of their specified lifetime. Yet every exchangeable part is subject to exactly the same quality specifications as an original BMW part and it even carries the same exceptional warranty.


95% of all parts that cannot be directly refurbished are recycled. And these figures make sense, not only for the environment but for your pocketbook as well - BMW remanufactured parts cost up to 50% less than new components.


BMW has over 30 years of experience in the recuperation, recycling and and remanufacturing of original parts - all part of the carmaker's long-standing commitment to offering you unbeatable value, always.

Hamel BMW has one of the largest inventories of tires in Blainville. No matter which tires you want, we can find them, even if we don't currently have them in stock! Please complete the form below with your information and we'll be pleased to provide you with a quote on tires.

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